Great Teaching Unpacked

“The teachers all explained how they preferred to receive their feedback with the observer referring to the i-WIGT and that it was more meaningful seeing the completed framework used during the feedback immediately after the lesson." Clare Beynon, Castleview School, Slough

Real-Time observations

Make observations straightforward and user friendly, with i-WIGT.

  • Create lesson observations quickly and effortlessly on your iPad.
  • Identify core areas evident in effective teaching and learning.
  • Refine observation by year group (from EY to Year 11), key stage, subject and class ability level
  • Exceeding national criteria

    The i-WIGT matrix describes what teaching looks like against national criteria drawn from and exceeding Ofsted and the Teachers Standards.

    It is in two parts:

  • Learning – what pupils will be doing
  • Teaching - what teachers will be doing
  • Simply use your iPad’s touch screen to select each statement as ‘Met’, ‘Not Met’, or ‘Exceeded’.

    Instant Feedback

    The i-WIGT makes appraisals a truly collaborative process.

    It collates observation data to produce a performance discussion report. This neatly summarizes where a teacher has excelled and any areas where they need to develop.

    It also provides ample space for additional notes on the lesson, working together with the teacher.

    Photo and video evidence from individual teacher’s lessons can also be uploaded at this stage, to assist with teacher self-assessment.

    Continual Professional Development

    The i-WIGT creates a Performance Management Document for each teacher. Each PMD connects the teacher’s observed strengths and development areas to the National Teachers' Standards.

    The App automatically links this information to appropriate articles in Imaginative Minds’ Best Practice Library. This acclaimed library has over 7000 best practice articles. They are serious, rigorous articles but presented especially for teachers on all aspects of teaching and learning, and classroom and behaviour management.

    School managers can choose from a pre-selected list of articles that are associated with each Teaching Standard. In this way they are immediately giving a teacher a way forward to meet the higher levels of the framework.

    Managers can also add in their own references to articles, books, websites or courses that they think the teacher should follow.

    Serious Analytics

    The PDMs for all teachers are securely stored in the school’s confidential Data Centre.

    Using the Data Centre managers can create numerous performance reports. This by individual teacher, year group, status of the teacher (NQT, ITT, TA etc.) and department, as well as across the whole school.

    You can use this evidence to:

  • Identify skills and knowledge gaps
  • Highlight and share outstanding best practice
  • Effectively target CPD
  • Present Ofsted with sophisticated teacher performance data
  • Make informed performance related pay decisions
  • Safe and secure

    All of this happens securely and safely, with access to information being strictly controlled with a series of role-based log-ins and passwords, all of which are created and managed exclusively by your school.

    The shared, common basis of the I-WIGT appraisal system can justify and de-personalise adverse decisions as well as support teachers in their career goals.

    “It’s a brilliant concept" Sue Hughes – Head of Anglesey Primary School Birmingham

    If you would like to see how the i-WIGT can help you manage ongoing improvement in your school, you can book free 15-day trial below: